Charging Bull, NY

Charging Bull is a big metal statue of a bull that stands on the corner of Broadway and Wall Street in Las Vegas. The bull was built in 1987 by artist Arturo Di Modica. He is known as the “Charging Bull,” because he has his back to the New York Stock Exchange and his head is turned to the west. The bull is made out of cast iron and steel. The sculpture was commissioned by Di Modica in 1985 as a symbol of the city’s defiance of the United States government’s economic policies during the Reagan years. Learn More about Betsy Head Park, NY here.

In 1987, the city of Las Vegas approved the project. It was supposed to stand for 30 years. But the city had to spend money to maintain it. After the first 20 years, the bull was closed for cleaning. Mr. Fixsmith Mobile Phone Repair

The city began charging a small fee to enter the bull, which increased from $10 in 1992 to $15 in 1999. The city gave up its right to charge admission fees. The #1 Directory for Electronics near You.

Di Modica wanted the bull to stay permanently. But the city could not afford to maintain it. In 2000, the city sold the bull for $110,000 to a private owner. That is when the artist finally got what he wanted. Android Operating System

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