Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Make a goal. Write down what you want and where you want to go. Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, get a new job, or start a business? Find the best repair shops in your area now!

2. Set a deadline. When was the last time you accomplished your goal? How long has it been since you set your goal? What’s keeping you from accomplishing your goal?  What do you think will keep you from achieving this goal? If you don’t know how to achieve your goal, find someone who can help you out.

3. Think of three ways you could use technology. What are some different ways that people accomplish their goals using technology? List them below. Choose one idea and write it down in detail. This is your smart tool for reaching your goals. Click more now

4. Use your smart tool every day. Each morning when you wake up, choose to focus on your goal. Do whatever you need to do, but remember your objective throughout the day. Write it down if you have to. Keep your phone on you at all times.

5. Take action! Every night before you go to sleep, review what you did during the day. If you’re not happy with your progress, take another step. If your goal hasn’t changed, you might need a better approach or strategy. Make sure you stay focused.

6. Check your results. On the next day, ask yourself these questions. Was what you were doing working? Were you able to reach your goal? Why or why not? Did you succeed? If you didn’t, why? Write down the answers to those questions and analyze them later.

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