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Mr.Fixsmith was founded in 2017. We have been expanding even throughout the pandemic with two new locations. Here at Mr.Fixsmith, we value customer relations and provide the utmost service.

We have been getting our necessary certifications from such as Apple (2019) and also WISE, aka Wireless Industry Service Excellence (2022. Staying up to date in this industry is crucial.

We offer a fast turnaround time for most repairs. Such as iPhone repair on the back glass starting from iPhone 8-iPhone 14 pro max. We do iPhone battery replacement and as well as other models such as Samsung, Google, and LG. iPad Repair and Tablets, MacBooks, and Laptops. We carry a wide range of accessories and Phones for sale. Certified Pre-Owned as well as Brand new.

Check out our online store or visit us at one of our convenient locations. Axiom Armor is one of the newest addition to the selection of services and products that we offer here at Mr.Fixsmith. This is an innovation in the phone industry.

We are able to offer a screen film, with micro gel, to over 10,000 devices from phones to tablets and other digital accessories like iWatch and even Nintendo Switch game consoles and also GPS Systems like Garmin.

The in-house laser machine also can engrave custom names on cases and phones, AirPods Pro, and MacBooks. We have this state-of-the-art laser machine that can ensure we do the fastest turnaround for any iPhone back glass repair. Ensuring that we have all the necessary parts in stock is also another crucial thing in our market.

We pride ourselves on keeping parts in stock and delivering fast turnaround times. Water-damaged phones go thru many steps to be able to recover data.

Our certified technicians use a ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of any corrosion and liquids using a special solution. We do PS5 HDMI port replacements. We have been Attending the repair Expos in Las Vegas and Atlanta to stay up to date with everything that this ever-changing tech industry has to offer.

We pride ourselves in the work we do, and we work with people that love what they do that’s the most important thing is to love what you do and to do it from the heart. We are happy to be able to offer our services to our community and friends.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us an email about any repairs for a screen replacement we offer $10 OFF if you make an appointment or a FREE screen protector

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Mobile Phone Repair Service

We offer fast service and same-day repair when possible. If you have a cracked screen, battery replacement, liquid damage, or need to upgrade your phone, our mobile phone repair service is the place for you!


Ever since you got your smartphone, the screen has been cracked. The cracks are worse now that you’ve upgraded to an iPhone XS.

our smartphone screen cracks, and you need it repaired immediately before someone sees it.

Imagine not having to send away for repair or waiting weeks for repairs. With iPhone Repair Mobile Phone Repair Service, you don’t have to worry about shipping times or lengthy waits!

No one likes to wait for something. When you buy a new phone or smartphone, you expect it to last a long time. Sometimes it lasts for years. Sometimes you spend hours on the phone with friends and family. At other times you are reading the latest book.

The battery will get used, and the display may get damaged. A cracked phone can make you very angry. It can also make you miss out on important messages. A cracked phone screen can be a security threat to your information.

This is why you need to keep your phone protected and safe. It would help if you were careful when you are using your phone. If you drop it, pick it up right away.

When shopping for a new smartphone, don’t be afraid to consider repairing it. With the proper tools, you can quickly fix most small problems yourself. In some cases, you can even save money by fixing it yourself.

But before you start taking apart your phone, think about the damage you will likely encounter when you’re fixing it.

Is there a broken button? Will you have to cut through plastic to replace it?

If you don’t know what you are doing, you could break something or spend more than you intended. It’s also important to keep your phone in a safe place while you are doing repairs. Make sure that no one else has access to it.

Screen Repair

A cracked iPhone screen is not a good look. If you notice that your phone is leaking water, you must fix it immediately. It is too late if you wait until you get home and the water starts to damage your phone.

This is why it is essential to ensure you are using your phone correctly. Your phone has many sensors and other components that must work properly.

If one malfunctions, you will get a message from the phone that it has a problem. When this happens, you should try to avoid touching the phone. It will help if you keep your hands out of the way when using the phone. Your phone might get damaged if you don’t protect it correctly.

Imagine never worrying about your cracked screen again. You don’t have to fix it yourself or bring it into the Apple store for high prices – instead, bring it over to our mobile phone repair service and get it repaired!

Did someone step on your phone and break the screen? We’ve got you covered – just stop by one of our locations today! We offer the lowest prices on iPhone, Samsung, tablet, and computer repair in Southern California.


You’ve dropped your phone in water, cracked the screen, and tried to repair it yourself, forgetting that there are specialized professionals who offer just this service.

Imagine you dropped your phone, cracked the screen, and need a screen replacement ASAP. With one call, a professional service picks up, and they take care of the rest while you go on with your life.

Contact iPhone Repair’s mobile phone repair service today!

iPhone Screen Repair
Alexandra George
Alexandra George
Al is super knowledgeable and helpful on tech d computers
Natalie Jordan
Natalie Jordan
Excellent service and prices!! It's a great pleasure to have a business with you. Strongly recommended!!!
UN Know
UN Know
Way to expensive just to fix a screen with a small crack. I couldve fixed my own screen for cheaper but wanted a professional to do it but for that amount of money is absurd. All i asked was to fix a screen but it was like an amount of getting a new phone. Never coming back here again.
jose lora
jose lora
Very professional, fast and a guaranteed job. He repaired my cell phone screen that was broken and he did it quickly. Thank you
Olivia Guo
Olivia Guo
Al was patient and thorough, and spent time explaining things to us and I would definitely go there again.
adam rahim
adam rahim
Al, the person who fixed my screen at MR.FIXSMITH was extremely genuine and quick to get the job done. He told 20-30 minutes to repair and did it 15. Amazing skills and attitude. I would recommend him to anyone with a phone issue. The bill was way cheaper than how much apple would charge and Al definitely was a better staff member than anyone I met at apple. Al is the man ask for him when you come here.